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Wranglin' Kit

Wrangle Your Next Deal: Functionality You Will Love

*Collect All Four To Wrangle Your Next Deal



The deal lasso in Leasing Cowboy's possession is a finely crafted tool, embodying the essence of his leasing prowess. Woven from sturdy yet supple leather, the lasso is intricately braided with threads of opportunity and success. Its loop, when thrown, gracefully captures elusive deals and secures them with a firm, unyielding grip. Adorned with silver embellishments engraved with symbols of prosperity, the deal lasso is a testament to Leasing Cowboy's skill in wrangling even the most challenging transactions, making it an indispensable part of his leasing arsenal.


Giddy-Up Hot Sauce

Always at arm's reach, Leasing Cowboy's tabasco sauce is more than a mere condiment; it's a secret ingredient in his leasing concoctions. Housed in a small, weathered bottle that has seen its fair share of dusty trails, this fiery elixir adds a kick to negotiations. With just a drop of tabasco, Leasing Cowboy spices up deals, turning them from ordinary to extraordinary. The bottle, adorned with a faded label and a slightly worn cap, reflects the bold flavor that Leasing Cowboy brings to every leasing endeavor.


Cowboy Hat

Perched atop Leasing Cowboy's head is his iconic cowboy hat, a tangible symbol of his Wild West charm and leasing expertise. Crafted from weathered leather, the hat bears the marks of countless journeys through the leasing frontier. Its wide brim casts a shadow over Leasing Cowboy's friendly, determined gaze, shielding him from the harsh rays of both the sun and the competitive leasing landscape. Decorated with a band of worn leather, the hat is a testament to Leasing Cowboy's resilience and timeless commitment to success in the leasing world.


Deal Box

The deal box is a trusted repository to house the Leasing Cowboy's successful transactions. Adorned with reminders of the Leasing Cowboy's slogan, logo, and a photo of his new home: the retail leasing landscape, it bears the scars of countless victories in the leasing frontier. Open it, and you'll find a home for neatly organized deals, each containing the documentation of a triumph. The aroma of aged leather and success emanates from the box, and as Leasing Cowboy flips through its contents, the memories of each closed deal come to life. The deal box is not just a container; it's a testament to Leasing Cowboy's legacy, a tangible archive of his leasing conquests.

Merry Christmas &

Happy New Year!

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Meet Leasing Cowboy, the leasing prodigy who rode in from out West to take the Southeast by storm. He’s a friendly fella, always tipping his hat and flashing a big grin to anyone he meets. But don't let his folksy charm mislead you - this guy is a leasing mastermind. He can wrangle deals and lease spaces faster than a rattlesnake can strike, and he's got a knack for leasing that's sharper than a cactus needle. Rumor has it that the locals can't get enough of Leasing Cowboy. They love hearing his tall tales of the Wild West, and he's always game for a good ol' fashioned hoedown. But it's not just his cowboy swagger that's won the hearts of the people - Leasing Cowboy has a knack for working well with everyone in town. He's been known to sooth the grumpiest of landlords and tenants into signing on the dotted line. And his trusty steed, Closer, is by his side and always happy to lend a hoof when needed. So, if you see Leasing Cowboy riding through your parking lot, don't be shy - tip your hat and say "howdy". He's sure to make you laugh, and he just might lease you a spot while he's at it.

Giddy Up!



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